Scott's Debut single My Sweet Pain will be released on Thurs 29th November and coincides with SBP's return to play at Grand Central in Manchester. The CD is available to pre order now for £3.

In other news, Scott will be appearing on Chorley Radio to promote the single next Sunday from noon til 2pm where he will be discussing all things SBP, playing the single and playing some songs that have inspired him over the years.


Back in the studio after a 3 month break and things are now moving along nicely. Here's a snippet of track 3


Metal to the masses update - Omfg we got through That was absolutely amazing. Huuuuuuuge thanks to everyone who came down. And of course my brothers James Kirkby, Tonskii Korny and Luis whom I couldn't have done this without them giving up their spare time to come and do my silly songs. Amazing night


Another SBP track - 25 years bitter is now online, view it here


The first ever SBP track is now online! Check it out on my Media page


Ok so it's 2017 and almost exactly a year since I set this page up and yep you've guessed it, still no nearer to completing the album. It's not been 16 years in the making for no reason lol.

Anyways, thought I would update you with what's happening with SBP.

Firstly, I actually have the ten songs written for the album, I just don't have the fully recorded demos finished yet.
Secondly, I had agreed to do a 30min set on the 28th Apr at Sanctuary as part of their MTTM competition. The only snag was the guys that I have been jamming with have pulled out. BUT, thankfully my brothers in Metalleeka have stepped up and said they will learn my stuff and hopefully we'll be ready to do the gig.

So there you go. That's where we are. No nearer to the album finish but we will be playing our first ever gig at Sanctuary on the 28th Apr. Hope you can make it.