Born in Glasgow Scotland and raised in Bishopton, Renfrewshire before moving to England 18 years ago.
I started playing Flute in Primary school but didn't last very long and switched to playing drums. Then when I started High School, there were too many people who wanted to do Percussion, so I ended up playing the Trombone, purely cos they said my front teeth were too big for a Trumpet mouthpiece...the bastards.
But by that time I was 13 yrs old and my love for heavy metal was blossoming so I craved to learn the guitar. But I stuck with the drums and joined my mates Logie and Nizzy in a band originally called Fear, but was then renamed to The Unlawful, but we started referring to ourselves as The Goddamn bloody awful lol. For my 18th birthday I got money and went out and bought my first ever guitar. A black and white Tanglewood strat and taught myself how to play....ish lol.

So over the years, I've learned to play a bit of bass, keyboards and piano and can kind of sing...ish.

So yeah, for the last 7 years I've been a weekend warrior doing a Metallica Tribute band called Metalleeka playing mostly in the North West of England. But in my spare time I have still been writing and recording songs at home. I have about 50Gb worth of recordings. Metalleeka ended in May 2016 and I have decided to try and concentrate on my own original stuff. I'm working on an album, and have been for the last 16years so it may get finished sometime between now and the end of time, but in the meantime, I have been persuaded to do a live set in Apr 2017. Thanks to the rest of the guys in Metalleeka, they have agreed to learn the set so we have 4months to get it together. So, that's where I'm up to now.

Thanks for reading. :-D